Personal Life

EGOS and Personal Growth

vidapessoal-personal-1.jpgYou go through different stages over the course of your life. At times you have to be more dedicated to work, at others you need to pay more attention to your family, and sometimes you even manage to find a few moments to take care of yourself. All these stages generate imbalances in your feelings, thoughts or behaviors, thus impacting the development of your personality. But it is precisely this dynamic adjustment to different settings that permits your evolution over time. Instability is fundamental to promote your personal growth!

And as you gain life experience, you understand increasingly better your comfort and discomfort zones, your current capabilities and limitations. But do not resign yourself to what life has already given you, do not settle on who you already are. Continue to evolve so you can reach your true potential and become an even better person!

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EGOS and Interaction

vidapessoal-personal-2.jpgYou interact in a distinct way with different people. With some, you establish good empathy from the start; with others, you need to adapt in order to get along well; and with certain people, you never seem to be able to develop a good relationship. Your level of interaction depends, then, on your own capacity to flexibly integrate your personality with the personality of the other people.

However, sometimes you may feel so uncomfortable that you find it very difficult to be flexible and adapt your posture during the interaction, even if you want to make the appropriate effort. In fact, when you regularly deal with a person or situation relatable to your fixations, it is likely that you unconsciously adopt a more rigid attitude to protect yourself and even start playing psychological games. But only by interacting in a flexible, positive manner, will you be able to improve the relationship with the world around you!

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EGOS and Love

vidapessoal-personal-3.jpgYou can dream about the love of your life or, instead, live the love of your dreams. Transforming your romantic relationship into a true lifelong partnership depends, above all, on you. The key to change is well hidden in your past, but it can be found in time to unlock a new future for you. Therefore, go in search of your lost heart and you will uncover the feelings, thoughts and behaviors that still constrain your love. And once you have recovered your own balance, your life will never be the same!

Indeed, most amorous relationships progress through a sequence of stages. Throughout this course, you and your loved one must face some hard choices and deal with considerable resistance to change. But it is precisely because you are able to overcome these challenges together that your mutual bond becomes stronger. And at the end of the road, both find the reward you deserve: long-lasting love.

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EGOS and Children

vidapessoal-personal-4.jpgYou love all your children, but you may deal more easily with some than with others. Like any other interaction, the level of your relationship is mostly determined by the degree of integration between your personalities. However, unlike other interactions, in order to develop a truly strong and positive relationship with your kids, you are willing to make great efforts and sacrifices for several decades. It is essential, then, that you know how to adjust your love to the specific temperament of each of your children. Only by doing so will you make them really feel acknowledged and loved!

Indeed, by flexible adapting your parental style to the children’s growth stages and circumstances, you will ensure their balanced development over time until they become healthy, mature adults. Sooner or later, good fathers and good mothers are able to raise good kids. So take advantage of the time you have with your children. It passes much too quickly…

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EGOS and Time

vidapessoal-personal-5.jpgYou probably have difficulties reconciling your professional and personal life. And since you need to work in order to pay your bills, you usually choose to sacrifice the relationship with your family in the present so that you can ensure greater financial stability for everyone in the future. But, to your surprise, some people are better able to manage their time and find alternative solutions to meet all the demands placed on them. That is when you wonder if you are making the best choices when prioritizing your activities and managing your time throughout the day...

Indeed, you need to structure your time if you want to do all, or at least most, of the things you desire. However, if you become trapped in too rigid a timetable, you risk losing out on excellent, unexpected opportunities that can enrich your life. Good time management is therefore based on balancing organization and flexibility. Maybe then you will be able to stop running… after time!

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EGOS and Energy

vidapessoal-personal-6.jpgYou need a lot of energy to deal with your personal and professional obligations. In return, you get energy from the world around you by developing strong relationships, a good career, or a healthy lifestyle. Energy is, therefore, a two-way flow, and the more you strive, the greater the likelihood that you will be rewarded. However, there are days when you feel so exhausted or stressed out that you cannot even drum up energy for yourself. At those times, your body’s frailties may become evident and force you to rethink your life...

Throughout all your life you need to deal with various positive and negative energetic stimuli. So ultimately, your physical and mental energy depends on your ability to adjust to the ongoing changes in your life. By investing in your own personal and professional development, you gain energy for yourself and others. By becoming a more complete person, you end up receiving more energy from everyone around you!

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EGOS and Money

vidapessoal-personal-7.jpgYou have your own way of dealing with money. That is why you do not always understand the financial choices of those around you. Although it is a universal concept, money does not seem to have the same meaning for everyone. It can elicit the best in people, or incite their most negative instincts. It is no wonder, then, that it can sometimes bring people together, but in other occasions tear them apart. One thing is certain: no one is indifferent to money...

Still, money is only a means to an end. You can invest it, save it, manage it or spend it, but never lose sight of your true personal and professional objectives. Whether buying or selling, you transform into a more complete person thanks to the experiences that you live and not the material goods you accumulate. Money can open paths, but you are the one who defines your own journey. So, even if you do not have much money, you can still enjoy a very rich life!

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EGOS and Personal Transformation

vidapessoal-personal-8.jpgYou can transform your personal life if you are open to the world around you and to your own inner world. In fact, every day you deal with situations that can contribute to altering the way you feel and think about yourself, thereby helping you change your behavior in a sustainable manner. But if you close yourself off to your outer and inner worlds, you run the risk of being tied down to a rigid pattern and wasting all opportunities to have a better life. Your future depends on the choices you make now. If you want, today can be the first day of the rest of your life!

Actually, your perception of the internal or external control over your own life determines whether you change… or are changed. So start by reinforcing your internal control in order to undertake a transformation process that will forever impact on your future. By overcoming your own or others’ resistance to change, you will open up new growth opportunities: new ideas and experiences, new resources and methods, new relationships and partnerships. Your transformation is the starting point for rediscovering your inner and outer worlds!

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