Professional Life

EGOS and Professional Career

pics_vidaprofissional-1.jpgYou can perform different functions throughout your career. Naturally, when you are able to capitalize on your strengths, you tend to work better. But whenever you are faced with your weaknesses and fall short of expectations, you may wonder if you are the right person for the job. At those moments, you have to make a critical decision: either you change your performance or you change your profession…

Indeed, managing your professional career must be a pondered, conscious process, to enable you to take full advantage of your strengths while also reinforcing some of your weaknesses. By balancing the advancement of your career between countries, organizations or functions closer to and more removed from your own personality, you will not only consolidate your innate abilities, but also develop other capabilities that may open new opportunities for professional growth. And as you become increasingly complete, you will discover that you can go even further than you ever dreamed possible...

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EGOS and Communication

pics_vidaprofissional-2.jpgYou are able to communicate more easily with certain people than with others. Sometimes you need to make a great effort to be truly understood, while on other occasions only a few words are needed to convey your ideas well. Communication should therefore always be flexible in order to ensure a good interaction between you and the person you are speaking to. Otherwise, you may think that you were clear, but your point may actually have never come across...

Therefore, in order to communicate successfully, you should start by assuming personality characteristics that are best suited to interacting with other people. By ensuring good reciprocal alignment, communication can then easily develop to support the relationship over time. So, adapt yourself to the person you are speaking to and you will see that communication flows much more easily!

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EGOS and Team

pics_vidaprofissional-3.jpgYou have your own way of working with other people. On occasion, you appreciate being involved with coworkers and staff members, at other times you like working alone and, in most cases, you choose to work mainly with certain types of people. Your preferred teamwork pattern thus depends not only on you, but also on the colleagues and team members around you. Indeed, cooperation within a professional setting is always centered on the mutual compatibility of the various interacting personalities.

By recognizing the joint behavioral dynamics, it is possible to identify the most appropriate measures for promoting the team’s reinforcement over time. A solid understanding of the starting point prepares everyone for advancing to the next development stage. And when the roles are finally well structured, it is possible to fully explore the benefits of teamwork!

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EGOS and Leadership

pics_vidaprofissional-4.jpgYou feel better when leading certain people or activities. For instance, when your team has already achieved good cohesion, you may prefer to maintain and further develop already existent professional relationships, instead of managing new people or activities. After all, if you change your setting, you may not attain the same performance level... But if you limit yourself to very specific circumstances, you can turn into a rigid leader and, over time, no longer be able to supervise your staff well. Leadership, then, must be a dynamic adjustment process to constantly changing settings.

That is why good leadership takes a lot of work. It requires not only constantly analyzing your subordinates and the circumstances around you, but also demands that you be flexible and able to adapt quickly. As you gain experience, you will learn from your own leadership successes and failures to become an increasingly better leader. Until one day you will finally understand leadership’s deeper purpose: to create new leaders!

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EGOS and Planning

pics_vidaprofissional-5.jpgYou probably like to plan activities in a specific manner. But if you are unable to attain the desired goals, you may need to adapt to the circumstances by reviewing your plan, strategy or objectives. In fact, in a professional environment, organizational requirements often force you to change the way you tend to plan. By adjusting your personality traits to the organization’s planning methods, you then hope to strengthen your individual performance as well as help improve collective performance.

Indeed, planning constitutes an important link that unites people within an organization. If everyone adapts to a common planning pattern, they will create a solid base for subsequently accomplishing the plan together. Conversely, if they do not cooperate in planning, it is unlikely that the plan will be successfully implemented. Planning should, therefore, enhance teamwork in the organization. Because the plan represents the future that will be built together!

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EGOS and Action

pics_vidaprofissional-6.jpgYou sometimes have difficulties putting your plans into action. After all, it is one thing to establish broad guidelines and quite another to execute them on a day-to-day basis. To begin with, you are constantly receiving information that must be carefully analyzed. Once you have finished the analysis, you are expected to make the most appropriate decisions for you and your team. And, finally, these decisions must be well implemented by you or your team, in order to attain the desired results. But due to your heavy workload, it is not surprising that you occasionally make mistakes throughout the day...

Hence, an organization’s operations cannot be based on a simple combination of independent actions; instead, they should be the outcome of a vast network of interconnected analyses, decisions and implementations centered on a common culture. Each one alone does not define the organization’s course but, together, they provide it with the necessary direction to successfully follow the right path.

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EGOS and Control

pics_vidaprofissional-7.jpgYou must regularly control whether your performance corresponds to your expectations and those of your organization. Based on an evaluation, you can identify improvement opportunities and correct your performance. Without an evaluation, you risk repeating the same mistakes until it is too late... Yet, control also triggers your fear of being seen in a bad light. Therefore, you sometimes try to block or bias your performance assessment to avoid exposing your weaknesses. But this way, not only are you not able to eliminate them, but you also do not display your strengths!

Actually, control’s impact is greater, the faster feedback is provided. It is crucial, then, to adjust the frequency of evaluations to the nature of the activities being performed in order to take full advantage of the control system to enhance organizational learning. This way, control is both a point of arrival and a point of departure…

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EGOS and Sales

pics_vidaprofissional-8.jpgYou have your own way of dealing with clients. As long as you follow the company’s guidelines, you are free to engage individual or corporate clients in your preferred manner. However, you’ve already realized that your approach does not always achieve the intended sales. That’s when you start wondering what you should have done differently… In effect, to win clients you must understand not only their needs, but also their personalities. This way, you will be better prepared to fully attend to their conscious and unconscious motivations and effectively lead them through the successive stages of the sales process.

And keep in mind that clients always like to buy from people with whom they identify, because they feel they are thus better understood and served. Consequently, make sure to adapt your posture, the manner in which you present the product or service’s information, the sales pitch, the closing techniques and even key expressions and words to match your clients’ preferences. So, the more flexible your approach, the greater the likelihood that the sale will be closed!

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EGOS and Professional Transformation

pics_vidaprofissional-9.jpgYou can transform your professional life by developing innovative initiatives, assuming new functions, changing jobs or even starting your own company. Sometimes your dream becomes a reality, and at other times it is blocked by people or circumstances beyond your control. At those moments, you may settle for a small improvement in your professional situation... But in order to feel truly fulfilled, you must keep the flame alive and continue to invest in yourself. Because the better prepared you are, the faster the opportunity you deserve will arise!

By becoming an increasingly complete professional and leader, you are able to flexibly adapt to new circumstances by yourself or with the help of other people, and you advance at your own pace through the transformation process. The path before you may be unknown, but you will love traveling it. Because at every bend in the road, you will discover new opportunities and develop new capabilities. Your professional life is in a constant state of transformation!

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