pic-servicos-gestao-recrutamento.jpgExternal or internal recruitment aims to attract, evaluate and hire candidates who suit the requirements of the duties to be performed and who fit well with the culture of the organization.

So, it’s not enough to just check if the candidates have the technical training and the professional experience necessary for the functions, it is also important to validate if their personality characteristics match or are close to the requirements of the assigned tasks.

For example, if recruitment is needed for the financial department, it is desirable to select candidates with predominantly Governor personalities, given the high analytical and procedural requirements of the tasks to be carried out. However, to perform well financial planning or corporate finance activities, Entrepreneur characteristics are also needed; to successfully accomplish tasks related to accounting or account management, Operational characteristics are also important; and to carry out functions associated to relating with investors or banks, Social characteristics are also required. So, even though the financial area is based on the Governor profile, candidates may have to develop some versatility to flexibly suit the demands of the specific activities they need to undertake.

With the support of the EGOS Map it is possible to