Who am I?
Why do I have these feelings, thoughts and behaviors?
And how did I become like this?

Did I marry the right person?
And am I raising my children well?

How should I manage time and energy throughout the day?
How can I better deal with money?

Do I have the best job for me?
How can I improve the relationship with my leader and team?

And should I change my way to plan, act and control at work?

Will I ever be able to transform my personal and professional life?
After all, who do I want to be?

Welcome to your life!

The EGOS Map is an innovative personality model based on solid psychological, biological, sociological and managerial foundations, that will enable you to develop a better knowledge of yourself and the world around you.

In fact, with the help of the EGOS Map you will go on a journey to revisit your personal and professional life and find answers to your questions.

And as you gradually discover who you really are, you will be able to transform yourself into who you want to be!

And to guide you throughout this journey you will have a map drawn by you, your own EGOS Map.

Have a good journey!

Adriano Freire
President, EGOS Institute